The Davis County Snowmobile Club was started in 1987 and has operated every year since. It was started in Kaysville, Utah and its members are from the surrounding communities. We highly encourage family participation. Members of our club enjoy club meetings, club rides, and other club activities. The founding purpose of the Snowflakes Snowmobile Club was simply to, "form a group of people that enjoyed snowmobiling". By belonging to a club that has organized rides you can better plan and enjoy your winter fun. Our club is also involved in the Utah Snowmobile Association (USA) and has had many members that serve as USA officers.

          We are also involved in many community events. For example, we have been in parades and paticipated in the lighting of the christmas star in Kaysville. We are also involved in land use managment, safety, and training of our youth. Each year we hold a special ride for the kids of Camp Kostopulos, an experience that we get more out of than the kids. Our officers are voted on yearly and serve voluntarily.

2019/2020 Board Members

2019/2020 Club President

Terri Hammond


2019/2020 Club V. P.

Jen Johnson


2019/2020 Club Secretary

Donna Egan


2019/2019 Club Treasurer


Holli Slack

2019/2020 Club



J.J. Darrington


Party Coordinators

Heidi Scott &

Kristi Turnblom